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Fictions #34 w/ Gigsta – The Name Your Price Special

10 September 2019
  • Internet
  • Bass Music
  • Experimental
  • Bombastic
  • Playful
  • Quirky

The September edition of Fictions sees Gigsta coming back to the booth solo with a follow up to her recent Free Music Special. This one dives even deeper into internet freebies – though we’re highly recommending purchasing the tracks if you want and can! – with a selection echoing the reflexion of the open scores exhibition in Panke Gallery https://www.panke.gallery/exhibition/open-scores where Gigsta will be playing on 21.09!



Kelman Duran - devils
schoolboi cute - puss assembly
Maral - coy dub
Knappy Kaisernappy - Motifs
Edward Parma - What Connects The Dots (Fiesta Soundsystem)
Gregory Deleted - (Make U) Double
Krinjah - Bust Pure Shot (RIFFZ 2018 Reflip)
Textasy - Woodgreain
DLIGHT - Changes
Skream - Phatty Drummer (Yazzus 160 Remix)
Crystallmess - Flesh
LSDXOXO - women eat their men
DJ Swisha - Big Pictures, No Numbers (TAH Remix)
Hataah - Maji
Sir E.U - Ocean (Prod. Dolo Percussion)
Kiyano - Ocean (Swing Ting Remix)
Mind Of A Dragon - Hope
Majia - Rafa Maya-Platino
MC Bobo - Cuecas de Plantao (Juan Beukeboom Edit)
Precolumbian & Esto - CCT01
Ahadadream - Rosalia Drum Drub
Mike Davis - Coiling Zim'bira 2 (Omnisphere)
Loft - this world is sick my heart feels it [ s_o 2 ic3peak 4eva ]
Hanah - Subdere
BFTT - my mind like explosions
L U C Y - Shook
Georgia - Breath Tube Washing Machine

I also put a buymusic list together for those of these tracks which are available on Bandcamp: