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Fictions #37 – The ‘Murmurations’ Special 1

28 January 2020

Murmurations may mean the act of murmuring.

Murmurations may also refer to the act of birds that all fly and change direction together, as if dancing.

Murmurations is the title of a zine we will release on March 7th at Paloma Bar:


>Marylou reading Stéphanie Lopez – La tectonique des rêves<
Johanna Knutsson – For Gwendoline
Russel EL Butler – Considerate Being
Zoe Mc Pherson – Growth
Xin – Melts into love
Magda Drozd – Half Sick
Ans M – Dust Devils
LOFT – Elevium A
Bergsonist – ceasefire deal
Yazzus - Chun Li vs Voltagem (Anz's Punisher Rematch)
Zaliva-D – Cold Diva
Carmen Villain – Observable Future (Parris)
La Dama – Droga na floresta
Badsista – Soca Sem Parar
Thunderbird Juicebox – Throw Em Out Redux
S Ruston – Eternal Merciless
Bbymutha – Club Secret
Young MA – PettyWAp2
Myako – Liquid Plant
Mor Elian – Shoshana’s Roses
>Gigsta reading Otter Lieffe – Margins and Murmurations<
Perila – Mouth Full of Tahini
>Ursula Xanadu reading the Rave New World zine<
Scaarlet – Not Good
Tara Clerkin Trio - Hellenica
Yvonne Archer – Ain’t Nobody

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