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Fictions #40 w/ Gigsta & Gramrcy – The Bassline special

12 May 2020
  • Bass Music
  • UK Garage
  • Tech House
  • Celebratory
  • Euphoric
  • Excitable
  • Provocative
  • Sincere

Closing up a bass trilogy and opening the guest season on Fictions. And what a guest..! He’s known across town as the best rave buddy, has famously been described as a “playful yet sincere” DJ and is responsible for great designs (including high fashion clothing!) and quite a few bangers. To me, he’s simply one of my favorite humans and musicians. Howdy, it’s Gramrcy!

This month, we’ve got a special basslines special, euphorically trying to blend together some of our favorite cuts of the genre with adjacent excursions in an early and timid-not-so-timid post-lock-down situation. It’s 90 minutes of (in Gramrcy’s words) “everything we stand for”, not less (looney tunes) and thankfully not more. Now I’m not gonna lie, some tinies have been had. “That’s it folks!”





Nikoslav Nachhall & Menqui feat. Mika Amsterdam - How Are Things In The Tropics
Infinite Quest - Gurgles
Netsh - Quietus Of The Machines
DJ Swagger - Shadow Castle
Ratgrave - Big Sausage Pizza
Boris Noiz - Panorama
Egyptrixx - Drive U Crazy
Mike Defekt - Wot (Deadbeat UK remix)
Epoch - OK
L-Vis 1990 - Stay Together
Main Phase - Get Higher
STLL - Moral Damage
Bolam - Break Yo Self
Todd Terry - It's Over a Loop-Da-Loop
Dexplicit - Lifey (ft. Sweets)
Cat Kinks - Robin Hoody
Shahay - Washing Machine
Filter Dread - Marlons Grime
Sammy Virji - Never Let You Go VIP
Club Winston - Blurb
Darc Marc - Dirty Rockin Bass
Deep Sky Objects - Selah
Om Unit - Patterning
Louis King ft. Brain Rays - Let's Get It (Brain Rays + Quiet Remix)
AYA - Badman VIP VIP
Yazzus - Mufuckin Breakbeat
??? - Take Me
Dr Cryptic - Cheeky
Pinch - Swish