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Fictions #45 w/ Gigsta – At The Post Office

28 September 2021
  • Ambient
  • Field Recording
  • Talk Show
  • Spoken Word
  • Techno
  • Delicate
  • Informative
  • Meditative
  • Mystical
  • Wintery

First Fictions with myself Gigsta (aka Nono) in a couple of months! The new season will explore narratives and moods around locations.

We’re starting off with a letter special, a “Fictions at the Post Office” compiling intimate tracks and a wide range of missives I received across the years. Over 90 minutes, I’m reflecting on the nakedness of writing on paper: I read bits of exchanges with a long-term penpal, postcards from Postcrossing and more letters I’ve been sent over more than 15 years. This show felt like a ceremony, where all the weight of those very precious confidences was being shared and celebrated in an almost abstract form. Thanks to everyone who has spent time exchanging thoughts and words with me in the slow form. What a pleasure to explore these experiences sonically! Follow more Fictions adventures via my newsletter: https://noemverm.substack.com

A huge thanks to Susanna who took over the slot for me in the last months. If you’ve missed her interpretations of Fictions, feel free to check the archive 🙂



Kesswa - Open (Reprise)
The Box Tops - The Letter
Cragga - Please Mr Postman (Dubstep Remix)
O$VMV$M - Deathphone
Lala &ce - IG Baby
Mucha - Dust
Mucha - Graphite
ADR - Open Invitation
Tomaga & Pierre Bastien - Paper Ritual
Jon Hassel - Open Secret (Milano)
Jimpster - Slow'n'slow
AtomTM - Indeed Slow
Object Blue - The Princess Is No Longer At This Address
Raudive - Slowing Time
Pangaea - Send It In
Cabanne - Trex
Herbert - Pen
el monje - romantic analysis (naga's wet re-work)
Quasar - Post Echo Dub
Equiknoxx - I Really Want To Write On Her Purple Wall
5AM - Coffee Milk
Mafyan Nidam - News From East
Love Letters - CMB
Saint thomas LeDoux - Patience
Marcelus - Parenthesis
Amandra x Mattheis - Lettre Ouverte

Jenny Odell - How To Do Nothing
Sophie Calle
Lee Mingwei - Letter Writing Project & Letter To Oneself