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Fictions presents Susanna #4: Breath Special

11 May 2021
  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • IDM
  • Excitable
  • Intense
  • Delicate

It is really breath that speaks, then the lips gently separate and seem to aspirate the air.. all the forms that speaking takes – speaking quietly, rapidly, shouting, whispering, intoning – we would discover an incredible multiplicity of poetic breathing… an economy of breathing at work. – Gaston Bachelard, Air and Dreams

Breath is something we don’t notice until we do, and sometimes we really notice it. I’ve always been interested in how our breathing can be affected by external stimuli and how something that’s supposedly irregular and organic is used or emulated and what significance collective breath can have. Thanks to EZ for the inspo/input and Ry for the setup!



UCC Harlo - Lyricist of Panic
Chevel - Tailwind
Ka Baird - Spiritus Operis
Shelley P - Let the Body A
Rae - Sleep Rotation
Hannah Silva - Talking to Silence pt. 1
MWW & Monkey 20 - Watching it Rain (smoke thru a window)
Pearson Sound - Mi Cuerpo (instrumental)
Destiny's Child - Lose my Breath
The Cyclist - Inhale/Exhale ft. Tanya Harper (Bruce's Deep Breath Mix)
Cop Envy - Low Air
Esther - Hedon Hack
Alex Wang - Play Test
Hudson Mohawke - Human
Toru Takemitsu - Voice, performed by Robert Aitken
Gengis Cohn - Short of Breath
Jonquera - Beutson Ardent
dBridge - Syncofated
Paddy Free - pepeke
Kassir - mope
Exael - Diox
A. Rawlings - Prologue
Laurence Pike - Ritual Body Posture
Mars89 - Visitor from the Ocean
Tibia - Watermusic
Deru - Din
Serwed - Lima
Muted Situations #5: Muted Chorus - Samson young performed by Hong Kong Voices
All Times now nothing - Tears Voyeur
Hannah Silva - Talking to Silence pt. 2