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Fictions invites Susanna #1: Mashups Special

16 February 2021
  • Cut Up/DJ
  • Electronic
  • Rap
  • Pop
  • Chaotic
  • Confused
  • Excitable
  • Playful
  • Trashy

Second emission of my Fictions takeover is a mashups special: 90 mins of anything cut and paste and bended and blended and whisked and crisped and perverse and perfect. Still not too sure why I thought this was a good idea (??), I had way too much to chose from and way too much I liked and if it weren’t for my respect for my own sanity I’d do a part 2 or 3 or 4.

cutnpaste 2.PNG


Clope dj - Uranus Meltdown (PNL x Mechatok)
Lord Soft - Ryde Tanthroat (Gage x Zutzut x Syymz)
M.i.a. & Cutty Ranks - (Cutty x Snoop Dogg)
Rosahoez - (shakira x Lorenzo Senni)
NA DJ - Touch it x MM Cellar (Busta Rhymes x MM)
Henzo - Timbrame/Con Altura blend (DJ Python x Rosalia)
MICHAELBRAILEY - LUVM3-H4RD [way 2 much edit] (v1984 x Ariana & The Weekend x Celyn June) Casey MQ - fire flies x chambiao (Owl City x Abssys fka R1ZOM4)
Body Lotion - Anticipating Took Paran (Sami Baha x Britney Spears)
JOIE - (Aaliyah x Rhythm and Sound)
estoc - the clarity of honey (toxe x foxes)
500 - (dj lostboi x Young thug x DJ Sammy )
DJ Ruan - The hills in Paraíso (Dinamarca x wildlife x The Weekend)
Happa - Hyped Mango (Joy o x Soulja Boy x DJ Rashad)
beaton - What’s Biggie Got to Do (biggie Smalls - Fatima Yamaha)
Aspa - Bieber Born Slippy and Trembling (Justin Bieber x Underworld x NA)
Zaleel - perfect (princess Superstar x Jam City)
??? can’t find - Play (Jennifer Lopez x ? )
Jessicunt - Gomenasai x Dengue Drums (Salviatek x Asmara)
Zaleel - Lonely Lurking (Bok bok x Mariah Carey x Twista)
DJ Oyasumi - 50k Bills just to book me (Ase Manuel x Habibiboi x Destiny’s Child)
Oblivion - I’m Going Out (Nicki Minaj x Ciara x King Doudou)
Tim Karbon - Massari x Milk (Kelis x DJ Plead)
Orgasmic - How Clap low trap (Ludacris x Joe)
Venganza - Someone to call my flight risk (Janet Jackson x Leonce + Neana)
arxangel - Where Have You Been All My Time (Mechatok x Rihanna)
Eva Lucian - Wet Ass Pearl’s Un-insides (Sophie x Cardi B)
Ink Midget - (Travis Scott x Dream Trans x Rae Sremmurd x K30)
Cache One - Slow Pressure Big Boy (Jikuroux x Abra)
MICHAELBRAILEY - No Limit (MUNGUUGNUM X Usher x Young thug)
estoc - Crying under the strobes (System f x sky h1 x mumdance and pinch)
7038634357 - Spring Harvest Sun Edit (Donna lewis x Oli XL x 703)