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Fictions presents Future Ethics

25 February 2020
  • House
  • Noise
  • Ambient
  • Quirky
  • Informative
  • Strange

Future Ethics label take over with Ursula Xanadu and Mr DJ:

Future Ethics zine + compilation on Bandcamp // Ursula Xanadu on Soundcloud

Ursula Xanadu also participated in the Murmurations zine we released together in March:

Murmurations zine on Bigcartel

stay safe and take care x

Next Fictions show w/ Gigsta on 24.03.2020 from 7.30 to 9pm on Cashmere Radio <3

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Englesia - Scream if it hurts I'll always protect u [Cicada Songs, Future Ethics]
Odete - The Sorrows of the Bitch [Cicada Songs, Future Ethics]

Reading from Adwoa Afful's article "Off-Facebook Organizing" in Future Ethics zine

tati au miel - I cannot anymore [Cicada Songs, Future Ethics]
Violet - Soul Searching [Cicada Songs, Future Ethics]
Bergsonist - ceasefire deal [Cicada Songs, Future Ethics]
Beta Librae - false positive [Cicada Songs, Future Ethics]
Estoc & Bored Lord - Angels [Cicada Songs, Future Ethics]
softcoresoft - Edges [Cicada Songs, Future Ethics]


MR DJ mix: Hauling Coal in Juicy Couture


We all want the same thing
Hot mess
Til the world ends
When science fails
Sprinkle coal dust on my coffin

Working girl blues
Without a leg to stand on
The degrading idea of home
In with the pick
Dark as a dungeon cold as a mine

Shackled to humanity's nature

All my love to the planet
Our collective spirit is a hammer to crush the oppressors' skulls
Undo the anthropocene
Mother I'm going


ALV Adina - Softcore