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Fictions presents Susanna #6

06 July 2021
  • Ambient
  • Electronic
  • Oddities
  • Confused
  • Strange
  • Quirky

Since the last Fictions I’ve moved continents (again) and have spent the past couple of weeks trying to gain back my gut feeling after having digested too much. Though I’d been thinking about questions of space and place for a while I guess this episode came about in a particularly weird laggy window of time and so became a chance to reflect and respond to the people/places that’ve touched me.



Excerpt from Marielle Macé's Nos Cabanes
Perila - Resonating Body
Yumi Iwaki - MidAir
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Suzanne Ciani - Closed Circuit
TIBSLC - Lying On the Floor
Onsy - K202
Yosuke Tokunaga - CO NNECTEDNESS
E Fishpool - Ngadju (water) mix
Klein Zage - I'm (Almost Certain that I'm) here
Emeka Ogboh - Lekki Aiah Freeway
Cypha - Embræ
DJ Lycox - Red Lights
Naza - Loin de moi
What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong (but in a flooded abandoned mall)
Janet Cardiff - The Missing Voice excerpt
Vivian Carucci - Nosso Sentimento
Tarquin manek - Blackest Frypan
Takuma Watanabe - Damned
Shoeb Ahmed - blown out/trace out (Loraine James remix)
Enayet - Bhir
Ternion Sound - Chamber
Alexander Spence - Immaterial
Tara Clerkin Trio - In the Room