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Fictions presents Zone Rouge w/ Soa & Aasana

24 November 2020

After having guested on the Zone Rouge show (Radio DY10/ Nantes, France), I invited their resident and founding members Soa and Aasana to take over my own monthly slot on Cashmere Radio.


Premis - D'tone

Soa guest mix:
Nailah Hunter - Black Valhalla
Hanah - Intern Unpaid
Abyss X - Attraction in Doubt
Tygapaw - Scene 1 : Unseen
Dyani - Sun Beats
Time Cow, Shokryme & RTKal - 32
Mars89 - I hope you feel better soon
Nahash - Changement de Régime
Emma DJ - Burnout Library
Lila Tirando a Violeta - Malo
Shygirl - BEAUTS
IAMDDB - Quarantine

Aasana guest mix:
Tomb Raider III Main Theme
Phluidbox - Minslotoncomp
UVB76 - Outrage
Duswunder - Adorned
Floral Resources - Botanic Panic
Katatonic Silentio - Infrastructure Disintegrating
Sigha - Contract
Meryl - Coucou
Otro - Comparing Pleasures
Drywud - Tropico
Cio D'or - Permanent Key
Francesco Ameglio & Studio 23.56 - Grafix GX 2 EM
Kincaid Ft. Za Za - Pages
Pearson Sound - Cobwebs
Hodge - One Last Dance
Off The Meds - Karlaplan

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