Weekly Schedule (CET)

Fresh Fruit #30 w/ Special Guest Mathew Johnson and The Frosch Prince

13 October 2018
  • Art-Rock
  • Hardcore
  • Indie
  • Post-punk
  • Punk Rock
  • Bombastic
  • Gritty
  • Quirky
  • Playful

The Frosch Prince returns for your 4 weekly dose of post punk, punk, rock, neo folk and pretty much anything else with six strings and a mic.

This month The Frosch Prince is joined by Mathew Johnson, sound engineer and musician based in Berlin, front man of band Palm Squirrel. Noisy guitars, post punk and nice pop flavours. Drink it in, it always goes down smooth.

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LFZ - An ambiguous utopia
Brian Eno - The big ship
Nicodemus - What's this I'm feeling
Sods - Patience
Tones On Tail - Now we lustre
The Danse Society - We're all so happy
Red Red Krovvy - Holiday
S.H.I.T - Private Lies
Hank Wood and The Hammerheads - I don't play games
Hoover - Distant
Palm - Crank
Slint - Breadcrumb trail
Polvo - Thermal treasure
The Ex - New Blank Document
Balagan - Aggressive
U.S Maple - The state is bad
Thinking Fellers Union #282 - Hurricane
Fat White Family - Touch the leather
Warning - Nature trail
Bill Orcutt - Lip Rich
Girl Band - Paul