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Fresh Fruit #37 Third Birthday Australian Special w/ The Frosch Prince

27 April 2019
  • Punk Rock
  • Post-punk
  • Wave
  • Rock
  • Cynical
  • Playful
  • Celebratory
  • Uplifting

Fresh Fruit is your new four weekly dose of punk, hardcore, post punk, neo-folk and basically anything else with 6 strings and a mic. So sit back and enjoy as the Frosch Prince takes you through his record collection.

This week as an extra special treat to celebrate the Third Birthday of Fresh Fruit, The Frosch Prince presents an all Australian 90 minutes. So keep it locked as The Frosch Prince takes you down under!



HTRK - Sweetheart aka Love You
Exek - Punishment
Sacred Cowboys - Pablo Picasso
God - My Pal
The Saints - Lost and Found
Venom P Stinger - PCP Crazy
Icehouse - Great Southern Land
Goanna - Solid Rock
Sunnyboys - Tomorrow Will Be Fine
Sex Drive - Australien
BB & The Blips - Material Girl
Constant Mongrel - 2 x 4
Irena Xero - Lady on The Train
The Green Child - Traveller
Sardine V - Sudan
White Hex - Gold
U-Bahn - Burgeois
Orion - Church Bells
Low Life - Lust Forevermore
Terry - The Whip
Ooga Boogas - Ecstacy
Leon - Angry Again
Boys Next Door - Shivers