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Fresh Fruit #42 w/ The Frosch Prince

12 October 2019
  • Art-Rock
  • Electronic
  • New Age
  • Post-punk
  • Punk Rock
  • Dreamy
  • Celebratory
  • Funky
  • Flowing
  • Playful

Fresh Fruit is your new four weekly dose of punk, hardcore, post punk, neo-folk and basically anything else with 6 strings and a mic. So sit back and enjoy as the Frosch Prince takes you through his record collection.



Sleeper & Snake - Blonde Wig
Mikey Young - It's Walkable
Smith & Mighty - Higher Than Tempo
The Horse He's Sick - Larynx
Boezem Ballet - Hessel Veldmann
Coil - Nasa Arab
Cleaners From Venus - Hungry Days
Kurzschluss - L'inconnu
Heavy Metal - Heavy Metal Sex People
The Fall - Way Round
Nun - Can't Chain
Wire - Kidney Bingo
Tones on Tail - Now We Lustre
Love & Rockets - Haunted When The Minutes Drag
Bauhaus - Terror Couple Kill Colonel
Bobby Would - Bad Man (I Am Not A)
Old News - Superhwy
The Sound - Total Recall
The Chameleons - Pleasure & PAin
Five Thousand - Monadh No More