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Fresh Fruit #65 w/ The Frosch Prince

04 December 2021
  • Art-Rock
  • Downtempo
  • Hardcore
  • Noise Rock
  • Post-punk
  • Provocative

Fresh Fruit is your new four weekly dose of punk, hardcore, post punk, neo-folk and basically anything else with 6 strings and a mic.

With this we kick into the last show of 2021(!!!), I know it caught me by surprise too!

Normally with 65 you go into retirement. But this Frosch ain’t going down like that. What’re they gonna do? Give us a golden record? Hell nah, we’re riding this one out to the bitter end! This month I went into the bag and came out to celebrate the year that was with some new discoveries and some old favourites. There’s new things from Low Life and Rat Column’s as well as a track from friend of the show Veronique Homann, even a couple of dancy little numbers towards the end! so enjoy and thank you for joining me here on Fresh Fruit!

I’ll see all y’all next year!!



Chris & Cosey - The Gates of Ancient Cities
Dirty Beaches - Lord Knows Best
Alan Vega - Samurai
Veronique Homann - Sid Wischi Waschi
Damaged Bug - Lovely Gold
Erik Nervous & The Beta Blockers - Blasted Heath
The B-52's - Private Idaho
Eddie & The Hotrods - Do Anything You Wanna Do
PCN Ambliloco - Destruction
Ausmuteants - Family Time
Low Life - Harmony
TOL - Survive
Yves Tumor - Lifetime
The Go-Betweens - If One Thing Can Hold Us
Rat Columns - Candlelight
Jealous - Blackeye
Ruf Dug & Jack Doepel - Daintree
Bon Voyage - Future
Our Carlsson - Thinking About It
Jah Wobble - Bomba (Andrew Weatherall Miles Away Mix)
The Fall - Middle Class Revolt (The Drum Club 'Prozac' mix)