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Fulmen #10 with Carlo Maria and Maria W Horn

13 November 2018

Fulmen’s 10th episode features a music selection curated by Maria w Horn, a Swedish composer based in Stockholm since 2011. Maria w Horn is interested in the manipulation of time and space through sonic extremes – oscillating between minimalist structures and piercing power electronics utilising both digital and analog synthesis as well as acoustic instruments and audiovisual components.

Her work examines aspects of human perception – how audio-visuality and overload/loss of perceptual stimuli can conspire to transcend everyday life and invoke alternate mental states. She is a part of Sthlm Drone Society – an association working to promote slow and gradually evolving timbral music, and co-operates the label XKatedral.


01. Ellen Fullman & Okkyang Lee - The Air Around her [Ideell Edition, 2018]

02. Maria w Horn, Djuna Michelle Jangmyr, Ave [XKatedral/Portals Edition, 2018]

03. Beherit - Lord of shadows and Goldenwood, Drawing down the moon [Spinefarm, 2007]

04. John Bence - Afterlife-Judgement, Kill [Grooming, 2018]

05. Erik Enocksson - Apan [Release the Bats, 2011]

06. Yair Elazar Glotman & Mats Erlandsson, Negative Chambers - Desacralisation [Miasmah, 2017]

07. Nortt - Afdø, Endeligt [Avantgarde music, 2017]

08. Maria W Horn - Ångermanländska Bilder, Kontrapoetik [XKatedral/Portals Edition, 2018]

09. Locklåtar Och Musik På Horn Och Pipa/Ancient Swedish Pastoral Music [SR Records, 1966]

10. Kali Malone - Fifth worship, Organ Dirges 2016-2017 [Ascetic House, 2018]

11. David Granström - Approaching the Horizon [TBA XKatedral]

12. Daniel M Karlsson - A loss of self [TBA XKatedral]

13. Hedningarna - Dufwa [Silence Records, 1992]

14. Atypi, Dufwa [XKatedral, 2017]

15. Interlocked Cycles - Maria w Horn [unreleased]

16. Distant Lights - Sand Circles [Not Not Fun Records, 2012]

17. Quick botta - Punctum [Σ, 2017]

18. Fides Minus - Maria w Horn [XKatedral/Portals Edition, 2018]

19. Ellen Arkbro - For organ and brass [Subtext, 2017]

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