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Fulmen #8 with Carlo Maria and Caterina Barbieri

24 July 2018

A record, also called “a cut”, is by definition an isolated object. A record has a release date, a cover, a duration, a name and other attributes there to isolate it. Records are like discreet points in the sonic continuum of the universe, samples of a continuous signal. What’s in between these points? Is there a vacuum or something else? We can just imagine it and this mix is Fulmen’s imagination.


François Bayle - paysage, personnage, nuage
Autechre - bladelores
Dj Stingray - It's all connected
Yasuo Sugibayashi - The Mask Of The Imperial Family - 05 Untitled (Lullabied for Insomniacs)
ø - S-Bahn
Container - Protrusion
Furtherset - Drawings of desire and hate
Jasss - Oral couture
Charles Cohen - Camera dance
Caterina Barbieri - We access only a fraction
Actress - Hubble
Donato Dozzy - Back
Tobias - Heartbeat
Toshimaru Nakamura - Nimb 53
3.2.6. - Falling (Armando's House Mix)
Blueprint - Wild Planet-Input Output

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