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Fulmen #9 with Carlo Maria and Caterina Barbieri guests: Maya Shenfeld, Abigail Toll

18 September 2018

The ninth episode of Fulmen is entirely dedicated to Amplify Berlin, a brand new artistic residency program taking place at Acud Macht Neu in Berlin. The first part of the show sees Caterina Barbieri introducing Amplify Berlin in conversation with her mentee Maya Shenfeld, who shares insights into her music and artistic practice. The second part of Fulmen features a mixtape crafted by Amplify’s mentee Abigail Toll, where she showcases her music influences as well as some samples of her own productions in a 45-minutes pre-recorded mix. 

Amplify Berlin is a residency program co-financed by Musicboard Berlin and the Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) and designed to support emerging Berlin-based musicians through mentorships with more established ones in order to facilitate creative development through guidance. The program has been launched in September 2018, which saw Caterina Barbieri working as a mentor with her mentees Abigail Toll and Maya Shenfeld. During the one-month residency, the two emerging artists receive feedback and advice from their mentor, working together in Amplify’s electronic music studio, where they have to complete a track to be shared online at the end of the month, prepare a live performance that is showcased at Acud alongside their mentor and also prepare a radio show.


Tracklist of Abigail Toll’s mixtape:

1. Diamanda Galas - Heaven have mercy

2. Lucrecia Dalt - Atmospheres of touch

3. Tiara Roxanne - For what it's worth (Spoken word)

4. Haxan Cloak - Ravens lament

5. Pan Daijing - Phenomenon

6. Laura Cannell - All the land ablaze

7. Ionian Death Robes - Ruiins

8. Pharmakon - Intent or instinct

9. Yves Tumor - Perdition

10. Colin Stetson - From no part of me could I summon a voice

11. Tiara Roxanne - The ocean floor (spoken word)

12. Puce Mary - the spiral

13. The Walker brothers - the electrician

14. Mark Korven - Caleb's seduction (from the Witch soundtrack)

15. Mica Levi - Andrew Void (from Under the skin soundtrack)

16. Jarboe - Lavendar girl

17. Sarah Davachi - For voice

18. Ionian Death Robes - Hallows

19. Alice Coltrane - Transcendance

20. Wendy Rene - After laughter comes tears

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