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DJ Plead (Sumac)

8 February 2020

The inimitable DJ Plead — DJ, producer and co-boss man over at the spicy label Sumac – dropped by the station for a mix that will finally clean away that crusty, congealed mass of boring music that’s been gathering in your ears over winter.

But what else to expect from one of the most singular producers around at the second?

His records for Decisions (including the sick collaboration with Cop Envy) and Nervous Horizon bristle with a cosmopolitcal confluence of musical reference points, ranging from UK bass, diasporic and traditional musics from Lebanon, trap, dubstep etc.. But that’s hardly to say anything, really, because it’s not so much influence but invention — laid bare in those twitching rhythms, those creeping atmospheres that spit in the face of chronological or geographical periodisation — that captures that idiosyncratic Plead steez.

Needless to say, it makes every mix from the lad something special, and dare we say it, this one is pretty special. Enjoy.


Simo Cell - World3
Mistareez - Universal Floods
Bruce - Before You Sleep
Mistareez - Errant Cloud
Luc Mishalle & Marockin' Brass Megafonix - Hymn
Fake - 30 Bounce
Madteo Feat. Sensational - Basiado Beatdown
Brodinski x Low Jack - Andaman Sea
Avbvrn - Foment/Recursive
DÆMON - Chain
Emptyset - Gate 3
Pugilist - Ruins
Golden Teacher Meets Dennis Bovell - Like A Hawk (D.B Version)
DJ Plead - Ya Baba
Joe - Rio Lea
Yak - Umbra
K-Lone - Batucada
TJ Manta - Amazonia
De Grandi - Ah Ouais Hein
bergsonist - Drop It Like Snoop (Bergsonist Edit)
Cop Envy - Dunce
DJ Nigga Fox - Água Morna
Puto Marcio - Improooooo
Phil Stroud - Scintillating
Bakongo - Goulbap
DJ Plead - ???

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