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Happy Hours #4 w/Grrr: Almost Down Under

27 March 2024
  • House
  • Trance
  • Tech House
  • Dreamy
  • Hypnotic
  • Psychedelic
  • Melancholy

This one was recorded a few days before flying to Australia. It’s all frozen excitement and pre-travel melancholia. Lots of very drummy Tech-House and some dreamy Vocals. Includes favorites from Lists like: Amazing tracks with really stupid names (The Poon Tang Clan – How Deep Is Your Muff?), Tracks about Ecstasy (Of Norway), Ostinato Abfahrt (Deep Breath), Goth-y Good Times (Anne Clark) & Guitar weirdos discovering Computers (Neil Young). 

But I'm all right

Standin' proud before the signal

When I see the light

I know I'm more than just a number

And I stand before you

Or else we just don't see the other

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Fortran 5 – Heart on the Line (HP Saucey Mix)
Noobree Project – Music Please (Spank’s Red Nail Dub)
Matthias Meyer – Infinity (2009)
G.U. – Beyond
The Poon Tang Clan – How Deep Is Your Muff?
Of Norway – Love
Two Mamarrachos – Let's Find Another After
Leisha Moore – Damn, What A Feeling (Original Vocal Mix)
Hilit Kolet – Hot Mess (Even Hotter Mix)
House 2 House – Hypnotize Me (Trance Mix)
The Reese Project – Direct Me (Joey Negro Mix)
Deep Breath – On My Own (Girls F.M. Club Dub)
Mike ›Hitman‹ Wilson feat. Shawn Christopher – Another Sleepless Night (Red Zone Mix)
Eris Drew – Hold Me (T4T Embrace Mix)
Helium – Out There
Anne Clark – The Haunted Road (Cityscape Mix)
Tyler Lewis – What Would U Do
DJ Herbie – Come On Boy (Underground Mix Vocal)
Neil Young – Computer Age