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Hi Point Low Life #10 with Sonny Blount and a Friend of a Friend

22 November 2016
  • Balearic
  • Jazz
  • Soundscape
  • Atmospheric
  • Cinematic
  • Playful

Sonny Blount and A Friend of a Friend bring you two hours of easy listening grooves and jazziness, blended with patches of field recordings and cinematic ambience storytelling.



Laraaji - i am sky
Sun ra/walt Dickerson - visions
Chassol - indian kidz
Jon hassell - dream theory
Hermeto pasqual - pensamento positivo
East new york ensemble of music - ti-ti
Rizan said - electric mawwai ll
Don cherry/ jon appleton - don
Rih ash skeikh al kamal - tune of the perfect leader
Sun ra - bassism
Paris smith's new composer's ensemble - jelly jingle
The Heliocentrics - phantom of the panther
Hugh tracey - beating heart -sounds from Malawi
Guem et zaka - untitled
Gruppo di improvvisazione nuova cansonanza - bambu 2
Francesco Chiapperini - france mon amour
Idjah hadidjah - gaplek
Rufus Harley - a tribute to courage
Orpheu negro OST - Scenes de la macumba
full moon ensemble feat claude delcloo - King kong
Jimi tenor - full house
Chris McGregor - eclipse at dawn
TCP - sand and blood
Brian Eno - Paleosonic
Harmonious telonius - RFS vol 3
Laurie Anderson -example#22