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Hi Point Low Life #45 with Sonny Blount & Friend of a Friend

22 October 2019
  • Afrobeats
  • Arts & Culture
  • Jazz
  • Library Music
  • Euphoric
  • Atmospheric
  • Laid-Back
  • Playful
  • Psychedelic

The duo is back for their monthly transmission, always colourful, playful, and jazzy. Warm music juxtaposed with slightly more present motives have provided the music palette for this show. Enjoy music by Alice Coltrane, Ill Considered, Anabouboula, Jon Hassell, Ayizan, Sun Ra and many many more…



The Heliocentrics / Gaslamp Killer - Reality

Hailu Mergia - Shemonmanaye

Ash Ra Tempel - Interplay Of Forces

Material With Ginger Baker - Leaving Earth

Ayizan - Tribilasyon

R.H Jackson - O Gato De Schrödinger

Black Truth Rhythm Band - Save D Musician

Les Elephants - Frederic Rufin & Rafael Lecompte

Michael Naura Quintet - Futurity

Duke Ellington - Unknown

Alice Coltrane ft. Pharoah Sanders - Bombay Stopover

Sun Ra and His Arkestra - The Perfect Man

Ojo Balingo - Oba Mimo Olorun Ayo

ESP - Persimfans

Anabouboula - Hamam

Tortoise - The Taut and Tame

Zatua - Camel Express

Jon Hassell - Warriors

Almamegretta - Nziriosa

ILL Considered - Sorry to Hear Your Parcel Didn't Arrive

Cameron Allan & Graham Bitstrup - Bikini Atoll