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Hi Point Low Life #8 with Sonny Blount and a Friend of a Friend

27 September 2016
  • Balearic
  • Folk/Regional
  • Jazz
  • Library Music
  • Soundscape
  • Atmospheric
  • Cinematic
  • Euphoric
  • Exotic
  • Playful

Sonny Blount and A Friend of a Friend bring you two hours of easy listening grooves and jazziness on a sweet Tuesday afternoon…

Hi Point Low Life 8


Vault of Βlossom Ropes - Ordo ab Chao / +Field recording
Was (Not Was) - The Sky's Ablaze
Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Haunted Feelings
Wendy Carlos - Switched on Bach - Air on G String
Sun Ra and his Myth Science Arkestra - Fate in a Pleasant Mood
Whitefield Brothers - Ntu
The Paris Smith / Kenneth Hill Quartets - Mood for John
Afro Latin Soul - Mascaram Setaba
Yusef Lateef - Raymond Winchester
Beating Heart - Malawi originals (Hugh Tracey)
Matana Roberts - Kersaia
John Wright - Strut
Thelonious Monk - Raise four
Whitefield Brothers - Chich
Ahmed Malek - Maya
The Paris Smith New Composers Ensemble - Tommy Tones
John Coltrane - Spiral
Napoleon Cherry - No Need for us to Explain
Richard Davis - Dealin'
Rutes - Bi Bop A Lula
Lounge Lizards - Fat House
Fimber Bravo - Con Fusion
Chicago Underground Duo - Yaa Yaa Kole
Golden Dawn Arkestra - Disko
Tortoise - Why we fight
Santuri - Jinja Pearls (Sam Jones reconstruction)
Beating Heart - Malawi originals (Hugh Tracey)
The Funkees - Akula Owu Onyeara
Débruit - Akoula