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Hi Point Low Life / Cashmere Special with Ken Vandermark and Nate Wooley 05.11.2017

11 January 2018
  • Avant-Garde
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Please enjoy a rare studio session and interview of the two American avant-garde musicians & composers, saxophonist Ken Vandermark and trumpeter Nate Wooley at Cashmere Radio Berlin.

On the day prior to their duo performance at ACUD in Berlin, the first of a wholly new concert series in Berlin organized by “Scenius”, the artists joined us in the studio where we discussed many great things from their past as well as the current situation in the avant-garde scene and their vision of the future.

The interview closes with the duo premiering two of their pieces, “Deeply Discounted” written by Nate Wooley and “Sequences of Snow” by Ken Vandermark.


Studio Live Session Starts at 57.16

Track 1: Deeply Discounted (57:32)

written by Nate Wooley based on an idea of John Cage who rewrote all the rhythms to an Erik Satie opera with his new notes and it became his new song…

Nate strips all the rhythms out and rewrites it in yet another way.

Track 2: Sequences of Snow (1:08:17)

written by Ken Vandermark, inspired by the work of Canadian experimental filmmaker Michael Snow for the rhythm and sound aspects of his work.


MORE about Ken and Nate, as well as Yorgos Dimitriadis performing at Scenius001 at ACUD Mach Neu on 06/11/2017

Photo Credits: Cristina Marx (c)


Ken & Nate_05112017


Part 1 - Intro - Interview with background music

Maynard Ferguson - The Pharaoh
Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers - Cranky Spanky
Don Cherry - Love Train
Ornette Coleman - Jump Street
Sun Ra - Angels and Demons at Play
Muhal Richard Abrams - Ancient and Future Reflections
Antony Braxton - Language Improvisations
Art Ensemble of Chicago - Nice Guys
Ron Miles - Erase yourself
Archie Shepp - Ardopetotri
Aaly Trio & Ken Vandermark - Unknown Title (Hidden in the Stomach)

Part 2 - Live Studio Session
Ken Vandermark & Nate Wooley Duo - Deeply Discounted (Written by Nate Wooley)
Ken Vandermark & Nate Wooley Duo - Sequences of Snow (Written by Ken Vandermark)