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The Hidden Reverse #18 with Muk b2b Roman Sputnik (Digital Tsunami)

19 June 2017

The Hidden Reverse this time joined by Roman Sputnik – a third of the Lithuania/London based platform Digital Tsunamia space for all kinds of curious and experimental dance and non-dance music. DT have been throwing some crazy parties, presenting a wicked series of mixes and this year throwing a rave in the precious Lithuanian nature for the 2nd time.

The 2 hours turned to be swampy and psychedelic as Lithuania itself, you could say it’s a darker selection this time but you move through the broken beats and embracing metal sounds, distorted cracks and mobile acids and suddenly dark sounds light.



01. Muslimgauze - Dar Es Salaam
02. Vainio Väisänen Vega - Sick Sick USA
03. Shit and Shine - Pearl Drop
04. Don't DJ - Evocation In Desert Ruins
05. rAMZI - Male Heya
06. Carter Tutti - Deep Velvet (Hybrid Remix 2015)
07. The Mask of the Imperial Family - Untitled ii
08. Ensemble Economique - I Light My Cigarette, I See You There
09. AratkiLo - Dark Waters
10. Black Deer - Pray for Us
11. Cambo - Phantom Liquidity
12. Bourbonese Qualk - Return to Order
13. Paul de Marinis - Phonetica Francse
14. Carter Tutti - Coolicon A
15. 4E - XY Ungelost
16. As Longitude - Pink Is Orange
17. Asmus Tietchens - Zeebrugge
18. Cherrystones - Bottom of the Well
19. Tzusing - Esther
20. Lawrence Le Doux - Koko The Gorilla
21. Simple Minds - League of Nations
22. Sprawl + D'Arcangelo - The Contact
23. Nkisi - Parched Lips

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