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How To Tell A Sound #10: Ka Baird & Eve Essex

2 December 2019

New York-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer Ka Baird joins host Eve Essex for a conversation on her practice and her recent solo release Respires on RVNG. Baird gets into the development of the new record, including how the concept of breath was crucial to its development, and plays into her practice as a flutist and vocalist. Discussion touches on how physicality amplifies the energy of her live performances, and how spirituality and concepts of ritual play into her relationship to audiences. The tracklist includes music by Baird as well as Spires That In The Sunset Rise– who she’s played with since 2001, Respires collaborator Max Eilbacher, Kraftwerk and Meara O’Reilly.


Ka Baird - Pulse
Ka Baird - Symanimagenic
Ka Baird - Metamorphoses
Max Eilbacher - Piano 1
Meara O’Reilly - Hockets For Two Voices
Ka Baird - Storms Stay Fine
Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck
Spires That In The Sunset Rise - X Stat Eight

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