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How To Tell A Sound #11: Bellows & Prog Musings w/ Eve Essex

30 December 2019

A rare episode of purely musical listening, interviews are back next month! This wide-ranging set begins with a collection of music for bellows and organs spanning genres and time-periods. The second half transitions into some of host Eve Essex’s favorite musical discoveries of the year, with a heavy emphasis on 70s prog and jazz.


Lusine Zakarian - Aravot Louso XII
Kali Malone - Spectacle of Ritual
Peter Michael Hammel - Colours of Time: Part II
Arvo Pärt - Pari Intervallo
Dominique Lawalrée - Post-Scriptum
Alan Hovhaness - Symphony No. 53, Op. 377, first movement
Magma - Otis (ending)
Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Back to Bachland
Carla Bley - Little Pony Soldier
Joe Bataan - What Good is a Castle, Pt. 1& 2
Ben LaMar Gay - Music for 18 Hairdressers: Braids & Fractals
Wayne Shorter - Ponta de Areia
Jaimie Branch - twenty-three n me, jupiter redux
Mahavishnu Orchestra - You Know, You Know

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