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How To Tell A Sound #12: The Raincoats Special w/ Jenn Pelly & Eve Essex

27 January 2020
  • Arts & Culture
  • Experimental
  • Post-punk
  • Punk Rock
  • Interview
  • Dreamy
  • Funky
  • Gritty
  • Playful

Author Jenn Pelly joins host Eve Essex in this special dedicated to The Raincoats. Pelly, who recently wrote a book on The Raincoat’s self-titled debut album for Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 series. Conversation dives into the genesis of the group and their legacy, drawing on Pelly’s interviews with band-members and affiliates. The playlist includes music from The Raincoats, the band members’ collaborations and solo projects, Rough Trade label-mates and more.



The Raincoats - In Love

The Raincoats - Odyshape

The Raincoats - No One’s Little Girl

The Raincoats - And Then It’s Ok

The Raincoats - The Void

The Raincoats - Dance of Hopping Mad

Ana Da Silva - Disco Ball

Mayo Thompson - Dear Betty Baby

Dorothy - Loving Feeling

The Slits - Vindictive (John Peel Session)

Ana Da Silva & Phew - Bom Tempo

The Raincoats - Don’t Be Mean

Young Marble Giants - Brand New Life

Swell Maps - A Raincoats' Room.

The Raincoats - Adventures Close To Home