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How To Tell A Sound #9: DeForrest Brown (Speaker Music) & Eve Essex

4 November 2019

DeForrest Brown joins host Eve Essex to discuss his solo project Speaker Music, and his overlapping practices as rhythmanalyst and music critic. The show starts off with an excerpt and discussion of his debut LP “of desire, longing” (Planet Mu), and zeroes in on inspirations for his practice and the record— tracing a narrative from spiritual free jazz to techno and trap music. Brown performs an impromptu live set of rhythmatic music with his iPad, and gives a virtual tour inside the box, walking through how he uses apps to generate his live sets. With tracks by Speaker Music, Les McCann, Drexciya, Tech Trax Inc and more.


Speaker Music - with empathy
Speaker Music - Live set
Les McCann - The Lovers
Urban Tribe - Low Berth
Drexciya - drexcyen star chamber
21 Savage & Metro Boomin - Ocean Drive
Kanye West - Low Lights
Aisha Devi - Teta 7hz (Tool)
Tech Trax Inc - Tech Trax Inc (Xplanitory Mix)

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