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How To Tell A Sound #4: Che Chen & Eve Essex

27 May 2019

New York-based guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Che Chen speaks to Eve Essex about his wide-ranging musical practice, including his duo 75 Dollar Bill with Rick Brown, improvisation and ensemble projects. Conversation gets into the roots of 75 Dollar Bill’s modal sound, uniquely social performance approach, and the process of recording their new double-LP, I Was Real. Chen speaks about just intonation and his love of customizing instruments, as well as how writing for small groups has fueled his explorations of drone and just intonation. Featuring music by Che Chen, 75 Dollar Bill, and collaborations with David Watson, Tashi Dorji and Aki Onda.


1. Che Chen, solo just intonation guitar (practice recording) July 26, 2016
2. 75 Dollar Bill - "WZN#3 (verso") from the forthcoming album "I Was Real"
3. Che Chen, solo just intonation organ (practice recording) Nov. 10, 2018
4. Che Chen & David Watson, Live at The Sump, Queens, Feb. 9, 2016
6. Che Chen/Tashi Dorji/Aki Onda trio, untitled reel to reel tape recording, Nov. 14, 2017
7. Che Chen w/ Patrick Holmes & Talice Lee, Untitled (pt 2 of 3), live at Roulette, Brooklyn, May 9, 2018

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