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How To Tell A Sound #3: Play Your Amp w/ Leila Bordreuil & Eve Essex

22 April 2019

Composer, cellist and improvisor Leila Bordreuil joins Eve Essex for a deep dive into instrumental and electronic improvisation, with a special focus on artists whose use of acoustic instruments is oriented towards amplified sound and feedback. Bordreuil premieres a piece from her forthcoming first solo LP Headflush, and pulls tracks from collaborators, as well as artists who resonate with her own practice. With music from Nate Wooley and Peter Evans, Marina Rosenfeld, Luke Stewart, and more, discussion touches on Bordreuil’s approach to electrified cello, her ongoing fascination with double bass, and straddling both institutional and DIY settings.


i. Toshimaru Nakamura - Heater/Refrigerator
ii. Nate Wooley & Peter Evans - LXIX
iii. Jennifer Walshe - Your Name Here [Pt. 6]
iv. Leila Bordreuil - Coincidence
v. Marina Rosenfeld - Sweetest Sensation
vi. Maryanne Amacher - Excerpt From Stain - The Music Rooms (Live)
vii. Bill Nace & Samara Lubelski - Spiral Reflector
viii. Luke Stewart - Works for Upright Bass and Amplifier
ix. Don Cherry - Music, Wisdom, Love

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