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I Dream Of Piranhas – Heiner’s Bar w/ Coco Maria

21 May 2020
  • Collage
  • Celebratory

Remember a show called “I dream of Piranhas” hosted by Coco Maria? On Resurrection Day she and her team came back for one more show! Due to Corona, she had a lot of time to dig deep into the archives of Coco Maria Productions. Lots of crates filled with music, and unreleased tapes.

One of those tapes read “Confidential: Heiner´s Bar Special” A show recorded last year with resident DJ´s of that vibrant and cozy bar in Neukolln, Berlin.

Featuring a musical selection and words by Jimmy Trash, Sigourney Skywalker, DJ Pover- T, Captain of None, DJ Wasser, Mad Lubi Bahn and hosted by I dream of Piranhas host. 

Thanks Heiner for creating magic places for us to hang out and listen to good music!