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I Dream Of Piranhas # 20 Songs from Zomia w/ Laurent Jeanneau (KINK GONG)

09 February 2018
  • Interview
  • Soundscape
  • Oddities
  • Dark
  • Hypnotic
  • Intense
  • Strange

This was the very first I dream of Piranhas recorded show at lovely Arkaoda.

It was quite an experience, due to the custom to Lichtenberg and all technical and human aspects.

Thankfully, my guest Laurent Jeanneau aka KINK GONG and the sometimes ritualistic and dark; sometimes celebratory and joyful sounds recorded in Asian and a bit of Whisky, helped with the Homesickness.

Together we crafted this radiophonic journey with sounds and voices recorded by Laurent on the several trips he made in countries like Laos, Vietnam and China.

He talked to us not only about the instruments and how he encountered these very interesting people, but also their lives, social and political conditions.

Thanks to people like KINK GONG we can discover and preserve sounds and music that are unfortunately condemned to extinction.

Merci Laurent.

To follow his work more closely you can check out these links:

SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/kinkgong

Website http://kinkgong.net/

Thanks for listening

Flower Hmong Women (Laurent Jeanneau)