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I Dream Of Piranhas #31 w/ La Regla Party (Bongo & El Vago)

01 February 2019
  • Latin
  • Radiophonic
  • Celebratory
  • Exotic
  • Flowing
  • Uplifting

Berlin is experiencing a big wave of Tropical parties.

Without a doubt, the grandmother of all these parties is LA REGLA.

I invited the two lovely people behind this monthly party: DJ´s Bongo and El Vago.

Their musical selection is perfect for getting ready and putting our dancing shoes before going out and exploring Berlin´s tropical scene.

We had a pleasant and rich talk about how the capital has changed and witnessed migration, social media and music scene.

¡Gracias por escuchar!

¡Gracias Pablo y Hebert!

Facebook link to find more about them https://www.facebook.com/lareglaparty/?ref=br_rs

Coco Maria

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