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Iku Sakan

31 January 2017

After brilliant sets for Plastik Universe and Liminal States, we had to get Iku back in the studio for a two hour journey down the rabbit hole of his wonderful record collection. Expect bright and playful electronic experimentation; scorched-earth noise and outer-limits jazz. And don’t you dare listen without headphones!


Featuring music from:

Japan Blues - The Sun Goddess Steps Out in Old Asakusa
Conrad Schnitzler
Arne Nordheim
Nurse With Wound
Goeika from Shikoku (Japanese Pilgrimage song)
William Penn
Costin Miereanu
Somei Satoh - Hymn for the Sun
Toru Takemitsu
Melting Glass Box
Miles Davis
Bob Desper
Stephen Cohen - This is a Test
Vincent Le Masne et Bertrand Porquet
Brother Ah
Tom Marioni
Riccardo Sinigaglia
Dieter Kaufmann
Gede Manik
Philip Glass

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