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Ilias Pitsios (Into the Light & Echovolt records)

22 May 2018

There are a few record labels that are always on rotation here at Cashmere Radio but we only get a few chances to host the label owners and get them to play some of their forthcoming releases for our beloved audience worldwide. This chance was not missed when Ilias Pitsios ( who is responsible for the “into the light” Greek imprint and co-runs “Echovolt” records ) came to Berlin for some scheduled Dj appearances. We had the pleasure to host Ilias here at Cashmere Radio, on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. This session was a colourful one. Let the frequencies flow and enjoy our very special guest from Greece, Ilias Pitsios.


Dimitris Petsetakis - Looping Slow *
George Theodorakis - Woman of Zakynthos *
Angelo Ioakimoglu - Easter Theme
DE - Giant Step (Demo Version) *
Angelo Ioakimoglu - Kuwahara Ride
Free Level - Blue Grass 3 *
2 Katara - Bufallo Bill (unreleased)
2 Katara - Vicious Circle (unreleased)
Petros Skoutaris - Untitled *
Free Level - Blue Grass 1 *
Angelo Ioakimoglu - u220sax
DE - Giant Step (Club Version) *
Akis - Into the Light (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
K100 Signal - Following
Syndromo - Roots
Akis - Ecological Awareness (Benoit B Remix)
Bartosz Kruczyński & Polychain *
Cass. - Albertine

* forthcoming on Into the Light Records

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