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Infinite Quest Infinite Quest #13 With Neana (Naptime)

10 April 2021

Infinite Quest: a bimonthly party series at Kake, now refined as a high energy 90 minute back2back for your Saturday Night at Cashmere Radio. UK DJs Neana and AUCO venture through an eclectic soundscape of: luscious rnb vocals, energetic breaks, wineing riddims and timeless anthems- all chopped and blended to satisfy your club cravings.

This month Neana rides solo, transcending through a dreamy hazescape of melancholy feels. enjoy!


Russ Garcia & His Vocal Choir & Orchestra - When Your Lover Has Gone
Toshiya Sukegawa - 魚座
Harold Budd - The Real Dream Of Sails
Jaco Pistorius - Portrait Of Tracy
Mark & Suzann Farmer - Dreams
Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena - Peach
Jessica Pratt - This Time Around
Julianna Barwick - Inspirit
Malibu - Isle Of Us
Oliver Coates - Still Life
Narasaki - Beyond the Pleasure Principle
Gavin Bryars - 3 Elegies for 9 Clarinets: No. 2,
Fennesz - Fortress
Fatima Al Qadiri - Malaak
Kuedo - Floating Megastructure
Narasaki - Jingi
Vangelis - Memories of Green
Narasaki - The Fuel
Yoshio Ojima - Glass Chattering
Limit - Limit #6
Sierre - Ink Wash Diablo Mix
Takagi Masakatsu - April 18
Julee Cruise - Mysteries of Love
Oliver Coates - Butoh Baby
Neana on the Trak - I Feel Like Mould
Russ Garcia & His Vocal Choir & Orchestra - Prelude to a Kiss

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