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Info Unltd ‘100% Perfect Deep Listening’ by Nick Scavo

10 May 2021

Inspired by composer and accordionist Pauline Oliveros’s concept of Deep Listening, a “way of listening in every possible way to everything possible […] to hear no matter what you are doing.” In playful dialogue with this concept, the piece takes Oliveros’s aim towards a total “listening to everything possible” seriously—imagining a situation where listening to every possible sound is actually achieved at a 100% level.

The piece explores the reciprocity of text and sound, of command and of listening. It’s dealing with the reflexivity of cause and effect (i.e if a tree falls in a forest did it make a sound) within the realm of listening and attempts to splice the common areas between a direction and a resulting action—a score and a sound, text and music. Ive straight up struggled with concepts of meditation & guided experiences, as well as many of the more directive demands that scores within experimental music place on performers, the piece attempts to treat listening as a tautological experience.

Taking cues from guided meditation, walking tours, mathematics lectures, etc. the script is instructions read by a group of characters describing how the listener should listen to the piece i.e. “listen as hardly as you possibly can, now listen softly, now let your listening wander, now turn your listening into a hot molten explosion of lava, etc.” developing into a sometimes absurd narrative.

“100% PERFECT DEEP LISTENING” was commissioned by Montez Press Radio & Seth Stolbun as part of their “Situated Listening Environments” series. The cover photo is reconstructed from the artwork of an edition of two cassettes produced by Montez Press Radio. Special thanks to Stacy Skolnik and Thomas Laprade for all their work on this project!’

INNER VOICE #1 played by Molly Gavin

INNER VOICE #2 played by a Shaggy Rogers Impressionist

INNER VOICE #3 played by Sash X G

INNER VOICE #4 played by a Gandalf The Grey Impressionist

Script/score is available upon request.

Mastered by Jack Callahan

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