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Info Unltd ft. Schloss Salon

17 March 2021
  • Spoken Word
  • Recital
  • Reading
  • Radio Play
  • Internet
  • Cinematic
  • Cynical
  • Informative
  • Playful
  • Provocative

Schloss Salon is an enigmatic and elusive reading event based in Berlin-Charlottenburg initiated in 2019. While the event is usually in person, this special rendition was produced as a special collaborative program between Schloss Salon and INFO Unltd. 

Contributions in order of appearance:

Anna Zett

Paolo Thorsen-Nagel

Nina Kettiger

Adrienne Herr

Carla-Luisa Reuter

Miriam Stoney

Roger van Voorhees

Bitsy Knox

Luzie Meyer

Ellen Yeon Kim

Matilda Tjäder with Ewa Awe 

Liner Notes

Anna Zett Ach Ugh 10 min, 57 sec

From sigh to laughter and back to sigh Anna Zett explores breath as a social activity at the edge of symbolic meaning.

Recorded in Berlin during the pandemic winter in February 2021

Languages: English, German

Special thanks to Philipp Goll, Nomaduma Masilela, Ebba Fransén-Waldhör, Marei Löllmann, Houaïda Goulli, Max Schmoetzer and Thomas Butler for sighing into the microphone with me

Many thanks to Mariechen, Melanie Jame, Luzie, David, Maru, Nina, Nadja and Reece for contributing remotely

Many thanks to Mariechen, Melanie Jame, Luzie, David, Maru, Nina, Nadja and Reeze for contributing remotely

Paolo Thorsen-Nagel Far Away From Here 3 min, 4 sec

This piece is a live recording without edits or layering. It is best listened to on headphones.

Paolo Thorsen-Nagel is a musician and artist. His sound, performance, and moving image works are concerned with the possibilities of listening and in turn question their relationship to physical and psychological space, as well as their visual dependency.

Nina Kettiger All of Mackenzie’s Children (excerpt)  7 min, 42 sec

Nina Kettiger is an artist and poet living in Berlin. 

Her latest poetry compilation All of Mackenzie’s Children written in 2020, deals with freedom and discipline. It explores the everyday of two characters, Son and Domina. Each poem is like a different room in their playhouse. 

Adrienne Herr The Piano 6 min, 47 sec

A lot of my friends were living in a building and had to leave immediately because of their religious beliefs. One of them had a piano and I told him I would save it. I was at the farm in the early morning and I went and got a horse attached a wagon to it and went by myself to get the piano. The horse was tired and I felt bad for it. I tried to hide the piano from my father. Then I went out for the day, kept telling everyone how I rescued the piano.


Adrienne Herr is a poet whose work is cross-form, often presented in multiple registers including sound, multimedia presentations and plays. Recent exhibitions include The flight of the clay pigeon thrown into the air where we shoot (2020) at EXILE and Nome d’us (2019) at Shore Gallery. Recent collaborations with Martin Kohout, Sanna Helena Berger, and Cecilie Nørgaard. An excerpt from her multi-genre work MUSEUM ISLAND is forthcoming in translation from Edit Literaturzeitschrift.

Carla-Luisa Reuter The Romance of the Rose 2 min, 26 sec

The poem is based on a 13th century text by two authors with over 20.000 lines. It claims to contain ‘the whole art of love.’ As an encyclopedia of love the text cites from a variety of antique sources and translates them into French while having its way with them.

Miriam Stoney Three fantasies of dethronement in a pathology of want 6 min, 29 sec

Miriam Stoney wrote the poem Three fantasies of dethronement in a pathology of want in January 2021, after a minor operation. With special thanks to Philipp Lossau, who cared for my surgical wound. 

Roger van Voorhees 12 min, 22 sec

1. Definitions of Sunlight Sparkle Off a Trout’s Skin Bathed in Speech

2. Man Talking to Himself in the Subway

3. Bellevue Blues

4. Speech/ Music Interruptiveness Fragment 6

Bitsy Knox Meaningless Secrets 5 min, 30 sec

Bitsy Knox reads from her 2020 chapbook Meaningless Secrets, which was composed in late 2019 on an island in the Pacific Northwest of Canada, during an extended period of almost total isolation. While there, an inanimate metadrama unfolded between the ocean and the pockmarked shore.


Meaningless Secrets is available at Hopscotch Reading Room

Luzie Meyer Period Piece, 2021 3 min, 30 sec

Soundtrack of a video piece showing Suzie Meyer, the artist’s proxy, performing the poem.

Ellen Yeon Kim Sincerely yours, 6 min, 31 sec

Sincerely yours, is a semi-fictional account of betrayal in attempts to scratch how we talk/not talk about predatory behavior. Laughters added, sincerely. 

Matilda Tjäder with Ewa Awe Cities, 2021 8 min, 40 sec

One day City’s came to town. Some people would argue City’s just like any other mall, eating culture and souls, leaving it to rot in its dysfunctional digestive system. But how would they know? The saying went like this; once you go to City’s, you’ll never go back. Born from mist, she’s like a custom made divination, serving you all your prophecies in paper-wrapped lies. 

Voices from inside the mall: Ming Lin, Yen Chun Lin, Nikhil Vettukattil, Kameran Nayyer, Adam Dove, Tosia Leniarska