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INFO Unltd with Nick Klein

11 December 2018

“For me, it’s important to engage my practice wherever, it manifests.”

Nick Klein is a multi-talented artist most known for his musical efforts – ranging from the avant-garde synthesizer compositions such as the sound playing now to club ready workouts which you will hear later in this show. Nearly all of nicks work is marked with an emphasis on the practical and mechanical aspects of production and the material itself. 

While today, Nick is reaching new levels of success in his music career, I wanted to sit down with him and discuss the wide diversity of influences that shape his practice. Going beyond music, we will discuss how everything from his theater background to wrestle-mania to Relational Aesthetics have contributed to a highly participatory and materially oriented mode of sonic sculpture and social practice.

We’ll also discuss his documentation focused label, Primitive Languages run in collaboration with with Miguel Enrique Alvereño. While Small, PL occupies a strong and important corner of a particular American underground community and continues to document a diversity of artists working in a wide range of styles.

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