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INFO Unltd with Jenna Sutela and Nick Houde

22 April 2019

Today on the show we interview multi-media artist Jenna Sutela. To call Jenna’s work multifaceted would be an understatement. She regularly works with collaborators such as google engineers but also with non-human entities like slime mold, pro-biotic bacteria, and, if it can be considered a collaborator, artificial intelligence. Much of her work takes form of sound, such as the one you hear along with my voice. Later in the episode we will listen to an excerpt from her forthcoming record on PAN.

We will discuss her upcoming contributions at Life Forms, an event happening at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin beginning this Thursday, April 25 and running though Saturday April 27.

In the studio Jenna and I are joined by Nick Houde, research fellow and co-curator at HKW. Nick and his colleagues have been planning Life Forms as the final installment of their multi-year project, The Technosphere, an extended examination and inquiry into the identity and dilemma of global technology.

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