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INFO Unltd SPEAK THEIR NAMES Speeches for racial justice from Hermannplatz, Berlin 05.31.2020

6 June 2020

George Floyd was killed at the hands of ex-officer Derek Chauvin and 3 other officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota on 25 of May 2020. In the following weeks, Protests ensued around the world demanding justice – not only for George Floyd but for Breanna Taylor who was killed by police while sleeping in her home, Ahmed Aubrey who was murdered in broad daylight while going for a job, for Freddy Gray, Eric Gartner, and for an egregiously long list of black and POC people killed at the hands of police. This recording documents one of many demonstrations which took place in Berlin in the wake of Floyd’s death. This recording was taken by Cashmere Radio on 26th of May 2020 at Hermannplatz, Neukölln in Berlin.


Jeff Kwasi Klein (activist)

Brandon Keith Brown (Conductor, speaker, educator, activist)

Jakob Yob (Choreographer, director)

Nikeata Thompson (Choreographer )

Yasmin Ayhan (Comedian)

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