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INFO Unltd with Duval Timothy

28 September 2020


“Hello again and welcome back to another episode of INFO Unltd. Today on the show I have a very exciting guest, someone that I’ve been a fan of for a few years now, the musician and fantastically talented and productive Duval Timothy. 

I first discovered Duval’s work in 2016 when he released a record entitled Brown Loop. The record consisted of piano pieces which are strikingly simple and repetitious but amazingly expressive. I don’t know if there is a record in my collection that i have played more than this one – and I’ve very happy to have just learned it is about to be rereleased to please please keep your eyes out for it, your ears will thank you. Since then, Duval’s output has consistently grown in ambition – he has produced multiple fantastic records and EP’s in recent years, not to mention he has maintained an impressive and multi faceted creative practice along the way which you’ll learn more about that in the interview. His latest record is entitled HELP and it was just released this summer. It’s a beautiful record featuring a long, long list of collaborators and is a testament to the skill of Duval himself as well as the strength and talent of his community. 

And this aspect of community is rather significant to Duval and understanding his work. While he grew up in London, he traveled to Freetown Sierra Lion some years ago to connect with family and learn traditional weaving and ended up making it a second home. Now he splits his time between the two cities and the influence of both has become a central marker in his music, not only in the sampling like we see in his earlier work, but now in regards to the people he collaborates with and his vision for the label he recently launched, Carrying Color. 

I’ll let Duval fill in all the details – “

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