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Kane’s General Auto Repair Show #2 w/ Punished Abbot

18 April 2020

Patrick McGraw and Maggie Dunlap join us for story time from Los Angeles and London, a selection of a scenes from American cinema, & a blend of Eastern European rap by active military. One part gritty folk land, two parts Manichaeism, and one-half part spiritual affirmation.


Bezza - месяц за месяцем
Bladee - Hymn (Slow)
Patrick McGraw - “Permanent Hospice” (reading)
Hardcore (Paul Schrader, 1979) - scene (feat. George C. Scott)
Maggie Dunlap - “Poison Story” (reading)
Klute (Alan J. Pakula, 1971) - Psych session (feat. Jane Fonda)
Pérotin le Grand - Viderunt Omnes - David Munrow
Gold Priority - Moth
Gold Priority - Balkanize
Death Wish (Michael Winner, 1974) - Theatrical trailer (feat. Charles Bronson)
Bezza - freestyle
Everlast - What it’s Like
Smokey Reichgeworden & verbundenmitgoof - BUDDHIST
Sahbabii - Double D
Diamondsonmydick x Lil Kawaii #***man
Shoreline Mafia - Whuss da deal
#B58 - #WAR
Wondha Mountain - Duug min/ Listen to your heart (nightcore)

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