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Kane’s General Auto Repair Show #4 Screwston

18 May 2020

Journey through the heart of 1995: Memphis, College Park, Houston, Detroit, et al. Black metal is third coast rap.


Eddie Long - It's Time Sermon
DJ Screw - Inside Lookin Out
SPM - DJ Screw Skit
DJ Screw - Freestyle
DJ Rabbit - Cry Alone Die Alone
Children of the Corn - Grab Your Mask
Electric Wizard - The Hills Have Eyes
Wood Street Playaz - Buck Buck to the Bang
Ludacris - Do Your Time (Feat. Beanie Sigel, Pimp C, & C-Murder)
Alkhal - Hard Day of Murder
Pastor Troy - No Mo Play in G.A
Bill Nelson - Florida senator final speech
Virtual Self - Ghost Voices
Ruthless Juveniles - Unsolved Murders
Detroit's Most Wanted - I Never Had A Good Day
OZ - Anna Off Ya Chest
Drug Darkness - Falling Into Dissociation Holes
John Holland - IRL score
Lil Wayne - Pussy Money Weed
a.i.ngel - Become God
Mr. Tinimaine - Bring It
John T Gast - Exile
Eazy E - My Name Is (DJ Screw)
Outkast - Player's Ball (DJ Screw)
Above The Law - Keep Your Head Up (DJ Screw)
ESG & Lil Flip - Realest Rhymin' (DJ Screw)

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