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Kane’s General Auto Repair Show #1 w/ Punished Abbot

2 March 2020

The year is 3023, the 41st industrial revolution has just run its course. Humanity has returned to a quadrupedal lifestyle. You wake up in a cryogenic casket as a bionic coroner is trying to pry open your clenched fist. You drop the object in your hand and put him in a sleeper hold. You look down at the ground and see it’s an original IBM flash drive. You plug it in and find a collection of videos – Zidane’s headbutt, an epic vine compilation, The Collector (2009) in 240p, and a .mp3 of this radio show. You are so happy you cry tears of Mountain Dew Zero Sugar. Just as you begin to hear the intro to the mix, the coroner puts you in a sleeper hold and returns you to your cryo-chamber. You are sad but you are asleep. The last thing you see is a poster on the wall that outlines the lineage of the Jack Dorsey x Bashar Al-Assad clan.


Sematary & Ghost Mountain - The Wagoner
Blink 182 - First Date (remix)
MaxThaDemon x Ciggy Black - 911
DJ Screw - U Have Paid Your Dues
Sematary & Ghost Mountain - Pain
S4lem - Better off alone
Sematary & Ghost Mountain & Gods Wisdom - Toolbox
Gold Priority - Babylon
Manson Family - Heltah Skeltah
Lana Del Rey - Venice Bitch (remix)
Pop Smoke (♰) - Armed and Dangerous

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