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15 September 2018

For this guest mix Katiusha takes you through some of her less-played records, starting with chilled out ambient, hip hop and ethereal sounds before a second half of dub techno and minimal dance records.

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Neutron 9000 - She Trails Flowers
Photay - Storm
Lone Catalyst - Due Process (Instrumental)
DJ Wave - Above The Clouds
ENA - Tendency
Jon Hassell - Picnic
Cornelius - Typewrite Lesson
Nicuri - Ripples of Time
Duckett - Everything Works Backwards
E.R.P - ???
Matthew Kate
Phran - Vimanismo
Christian Jay - Contrails
S.A.M - Descend To Ascend
Skins - Zone
Talaboman - Dins El Llit (Superpitcher Remix)
Chekov - Celeste
Parallax Deep - Decending
Kyle Hall aka Kero - 19FT
Analogical Force - Smoke Machine

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