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Klon Dump #7 with Ossia

25 July 2017

Episode seven of the Dump with Ossia, a deej/proddy running more labels than you. Pay witness to: No Corner, Hotline, FuckPunk, Peng Sound etc. Also known to drop lead slabs with Blackest, Berceuse et al. Spends his weekends ripping up holy texts and bingeing on junk food. Pages end up see-through with the grease.

Mark on the first 45 or so ft. unreleased business from Yeah You (check it, tis a right bomb) and the arch pleb himself + more from Maggi Payne, a foghorn, Carl Crack, The Bowles, one second of Movietone etc. Then Ossia for the remainder ft. some choice machine hum and toxic electronics strained direct from the gutter/sewer/take your pick.

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