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Klon Dump #8 with Mark

4 September 2017

Avant le dump then. On to number eight ft. soft stuff by Hydroplane, the dal Fornz, Delphine Dora, Annea Lockwood, Hiroshi Yoshimura etc and less soft stuff (careful) from the likes of 62nd Cell, Spesimen, Rumbleton, Conspired Within, Scorn, Pile and others.


Carla dal Forno - The Garden
Hydroplane - Forthcoming reissue on A Colourful Storm
Pile - Noshow
John Butcher - Floating Cult
Scorn - Beat 3
Mark - Forthcoming on A Colourful Storm
BJ Nilsen - Rough Grazing
Delphine Dora & Mocke - Pluton s'éloigne
62nd Cell - B3 or A3, not sure
Spesimen - either the A1 or B1 from the Trust record
Luciano Cilio - Quarto Quadro "Dell'Universo Assente"
Excerpts from Chance Meeting
Conspired Within - Artifact
Felix K - The A (or Forsaken, not sure which side it is/was)
Rumbleton - Under Pressure
Parris - My Beautiful Fantasy
Annea Lockwood - Tiger Balm
Hiroshi Yoshimura - Water Copy
Move D - 77 Sunset Strip

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