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Krachwald #8: Ambient & Co. – Listening Music

17 November 2020

An expanded view on Ambient music – with tracks realized between the early Sixties and 2013.


Uchu – Ai

Daphne Oram – Just For You (Excerpt 2)

Nano – Jemplang Polansky

Saba Alizâdeh – Fluid

Meredith Monk – Procession

William S. Burroughs – Just Checking Your Summer Recordings

Walls of Genius – Letter To Dan Fogelberg

Michael Rother – Spirit Of '72

Die Engel des Herrn – Die Engel Des Herrn

Ash Ra Tempel – Day-Dream

Hirsche nicht aufs Sofa – Ochs Am Berge

People Like Us – Summer Music For An Almost Equinox

Sun Ra and his Arkestra – Love In Outer Space

Marina La Palma – Djuna

Valentina Goncharova – Maitreya

Anthony Manning – Chromium Nebulae 3

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