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Krachwald #6 The Tiger in your Tank

22 September 2020
  • Experimental
  • Informative

For more than half a century, artists are addressing the upcoming ecological catastrophe, and a political system unable to fight that development. On the occasion of this week’s Global Climate Strike, declared by Fridays For Future, here are sounds of protest by Atom™, Diane Di Prima, Janek Schaefer, Leslie Winer, and others – realized between the early 1940‘s and 2020.



Gary Clail & On-U Soundsystem – Privatise the Air Part 1

The Fugs – Exorcising the evil Spirits from the Pentagon October 21, 1967

The Almanac Singers – Which Side are you on?

Leslie Winer – 5

Amiri Baraka – Dope

Anna Lockwood & Harvey Matusow – End

Atom™ – R3V

Klaus Beyer – Unser deutscher Wald

Dennis Dragon – 25 Years at the same Spot

Joseph Beuys – Description of existing World social and political Systems

Sue Ann Harkey – The Greenhouse Effect

Allen Ginsberg – A Tale of the Tribe (from the preface to T. Leary’s “Jail Notes”)

Diane Di Prima – Revolutionary Letter No. 16

The Evolution Control Committee – Pollution

Janek Schaefer – Imagine a World…

La Düsseldorf – Geld

Jean C. Roché – Palmar