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La Casa Del Obrero Mundial #69 w/ Muk

29 June 2020

Quarantine edition of La Casa del Obrero Mundial goes about with tracks that Muk gathered during the infamous lockdown, as well as archival recordings from prior to it. A collection of mellow synthy, spacey, cosmic and oddball industrial tracks from the vault. From surreal Mexico – with real love!


1. Audio recording from radio: "Imagine that Hitler were your imaginary friend"
2. Modern Art - Botanical Species
3. Audio recording of sambita from the streets
4. Audio recording from laundry music
5. MJ Lallo - Before Brazil
6. Masami Tsuchiya - Fear for the Future
7. Audio recording of Muk buying fruit in the street
8. Opera Multi-Steel - Cathedrale
9. Dark Day - Sleep
10. Audio recording of Muk observing trees in Tepoztlan with her loved one
11. Velmondo - Moon Gazing
12. Polonius - Beautiful Spellcaster
13. Tangerine Dream - Rubycon pt.1
14. Audio recording of K session with Sonia, Jose and Gudrun
15. Nocturnal Emissions - Shrubbish Factory
16. Audio recording of Miguel trying to understand what is that thing used for
17. Tommy Mandel - Kin Tama
18. Disposable Lover - Peace
19. Audio recording from noisy Centro Histerico
20. Equinoxious - Casagemas
21. Audio recording of people talking about dead artists
22. Audio recording of Nik Void's modular set at Casa Lago
23. Gel Set - Bounce
24. Audio recording of Nik Void's talk on her work with Carter Tutti
25. Musetteandrums - The Anatomy of Evil
26. Modern Art - Death Wish

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